Arizona Ambush – Excerpt

I was sleeping beneath the wide and starry Arizona sky, on a soft bed of pine cones and gravel, when I was rudely awakened by a strange humming sound. When I first opened my eyes, I thought I must have overslept, because the sun was high up in the sky. But it wasn’t the sun. The light wasn’t as bright as the sun, and it was a different color, too — greenish-blue instead of yellow. It wasn’t the right size for the sun, either. It was already several times bigger than the sun, and it was getting bigger still.

At first I thought it was one of those "flyin’ saucers" or "UFO’s". But that was impossible! Flying saucers don’t exist. Government studies have proven that! It must be ball lightening or a comet or some other natural phenomena.

Well, whatever it was, I wasn’t going to stick around to find out. I got up and started to run.

After running at top speed for several seconds, I noticed something wrong. The round shaped light was still hovering above me and was getting closer. But that wasn’t the main thing that was wrong. Even though I was running, I wasn’t getting anywhere! Actually, I was getting somewhere, but not where I wanted to. I was floating upwards. I was several feet off the ground now. No matter how much I moved my arms or legs, I kept floating up toward that satellite or weather balloon or whatever it was that was hovering above.

Now, there was a little hatch opening up in the bottom of the comet, and I was being drawn inside. The hatch closed below me, and I was in total darkness! No stars, no candles, no electric lights, nothing! But was I afraid? Hah! Of course not! I was terrified!

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