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So, what do we mean by Science Fiction Courtroom Drama?  A series of stories with recurring and interwoven characters that take place on many different planets and time zones, but many of which take place some 500 to 700 years in the future on the newly risen (or maybe re-risen) Continent of Atlantis.  Two of the four featured characters are lawyers, and the other two sometimes need lawyers.

URMA UNDERSTANDING is a young associate attorney with the firm of Peace & Love (which will eventually become Peace, Love & Understanding, if she plays her cards right).  Urma is featured in the novelita, A TOWN WITHOUT LAWYERS, where one of the cities on Atlantis has passed an ordinance banning the practice of law (except, of course, for lawyers representing banks, big business and the government)

SGT. HARMONY, who grew up next door to Urma in South Atlantis City, is featured in POKER IS FOR THE BIRDS, where he learns how to talk to birds, and teams up with a hawk who can help him win at poker.  Although not a lawyer, he later becomes the Director of Bizarre Occurrences and Sightings Operations (“BOSO”) and is involved in a few administrative hearings. 

TRIAL OF THE CENTURY The year is 2517. The guitar has been outlawed as a dangerous weapon. The subversive form of music known as “Roland Rock” has been banned from the airwaves. The signer-songwriter, Azhular, faces charges of being “P.I.” (Philosophically Inaccurate). The day of his trial has finally arrived. As a glorious sunrise lights the eastern sky with brilliant hues of red and gold, the Channel 98.6 news reporter, TWISTY TRUTHY, sings the Title Song, TRIAL OF THE CENTURY. 

Last but not least is, of course, JUDAS ARMSTRONG, featured in SECRET OF THE SAUCE and ARIZONA AMBUSH. He isn’t a lawyer (or if he is, hasn’t admitted it) but gets in enough scrapes with the law that he may as well be one.  With the help of his magic sword and magic pipe, he traverses the bounds of time and space, and can wind up in a zany adventure just about anywhere (or any-when!) – from America in the 1970s to distant planets in who-knows-what-year, and even to the future Atlantis, where he might run into Urma and Sgt. Harmony.