Douglas A. Crowder (who currently just goes by “Doug Crowder” when being a fiction writer) is an attorney practicing in delightful downtown Los Angeles (“DDTLA” for short), and an author of Science Fiction Courtroom Drama (“SFCRD”) and occasionally Science Fiction Courtroom Drama Musical Comedy (“SFCRDMC”)

He has been active with Toastmasters (a non-profit club designed to improve public speaking and leadership skills) for at least a decade and a half.  He often visits a meeting and delivers a 5 to 7 minute sci-fi story that he calls a “speech.” 

With his speech / story, “An Afternoon at Starbucks,” he recently won the Tall Tales Contest at his club, then again at the Area level (competing against the winners from four other clubs) and again at the Division level (competing against the winners from four other Areas.

Like most attorneys, he lives a peaceful, stress-free life (ha!) in which he has plenty of spare time (double ha!) in which to write SFCRD and occasionally SFCRDMC. 

When he’s not writing speeches, he writes plays, short stories, novelitas (his own term for a small novel) and full length novels.

He currently lives at an undisclosed location somewhere between the mountains and the sea.  (That really narrows it down, doesn’t it!)