A Town Without Lawyers


A Town Without Lawyers 00003
Have you ever wondered how peaceful and wonderful society would be if only we didn’t have lawyers? Well, now you can find out! A TOWN WITHOUT LAWYERS examines the beauty and harmony a city achieves after banning the practice of law.

This totally FICTIONAL story takes place about 500 years in the future, on the newly risen (or re-risen) Continent of ATLANTIS, and bears no similarity to anything happening today. The tale follows the adventures of URMA UNDERSTANDING, a young associate of the law firm PEACE & LOVE, as she rides to the aid of her classmate, SOCRATES TRUTH, who has been arrested for violating the new ordinance passed by the City of EN SAYNE, which outlaws lawyers.

The original version of this serialized mini-novel appeared one episode at a time in the author’s law office newsletter. Now, all the past episodes (and maybe some new ones) are available to those who have missed some issues of the newsletter, (not to mention those who never received the newsletter!) as well as some additional features not available from the newsletter, including maps, illustrations, and other background information.

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