Man from Mudd – Excerpt


(The stage is dark when one spotlight shines on AZHULAR, a tall handsome fellow with very long blond hair.  He is sitting on a tall stool, and strums at the guitar, as if tuning it or just getting used to it.  Then he loudly strums the chords of SONG FOR THE NATION PART ONE.  Then he sings.)

AZHULAR (singing):

A nation is more than a piece of land
With boarders on every side
A nation is more than a set of laws
By which we must abide

A nation is one people
United by one dream
Millions of individuals
Acting for one scheme.

(Azhular quits playing.)

AZHULAR:  No, that doesn’t sound quite right.

(Starts playing and singing again.)

Millions of individuals
Acting as one team.

(Quits playing, speaks.)

AZHULAR:  There we go.

(Plays and sings again.)

A nation is one people
United by one dream
Millions of individuals
Acting as one team.

(Meanwhile, a second spotlight shows on another man entering from the back of the stage, moving slowly and quietly toward Azhular, who is too wrapped up in his music to notice.)

So let’s join our forces and bring
Bring forth a new civilization
As we join our voices and sing
Sing a song for the nation.

(The other man sneaks closer and closer to Azhular, who continues singing.)

The people of our nation
Don’t always have to agree
We all have our different viewpoints
That’s how we can be free

People of every color
People of every creed
People who all came together
Searching for liberty

So lets dip our brushes in light
And paint our own sweet tomorrow           
And let’s lift our pens and let’s write
Write a world without sorrow.

(The other man, who happens to be O’MALLEY, is now standing directly behind Azhular.)

O’MALLEY:  Chief.

(Azhular, very startled by this interruption, jumps off his stool, draws his sword and points it at the intruder.  His guitar is still strapped to his shoulder.)

AZHULAR:  How dare you sneak up on the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court that way?

O’MALLEY (Chuckling):  Sorry, Chief.

AZHULAR:  Who are you, and how did you get past Security?

O’MALLEY:  It’s me, O’Malley.  I’m your head of Security, remember?  The leader of your GOON squad.

(The NARRATOR is standing to the side of the stage, not invisible, but not noticeable with no light shining on him).

NARRATOR:  GOON stands for “Gentle Observers of the Nation.”

(Azhular briefly looks around to see where Narrator’s voice is coming from, then turns back to O’Malley.)

AZHULAR:  Of course.  Well, if you startle me like that again, O’Malley, I’ll throw you out of a helicopter!

O’MALLEY:  That was a nice sounding song, Chief.

AZHULAR:  Thanks.  I’m working on a new national anthem.

O’MALLEY:  I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that, Chief.  I’ve noticed that you’re spending more time with your music and less time with your job as Chief Justice lately.

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